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Electromagnetic Flow Meter with
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Flowmeters for irrigation systems in Australia

Flowmeter used for irrigation system

Our irrigation flow meters are the right choice for accurately metering the water and even mud slurries, sand and quartz particles or other process liquids like waste water, sewage water etc. They meet the demanding requirements of environmental metering & monitoring. The urban water applications and irrigation requirements are easily met with these meters. We offer Electromagnetic Flow Meter system which is an electromagnetic flowmeter with a telemetry system.

Flowmeter installed in Australia

Features of Irrigation Flowmeters

  • Wide range of sizing DN10 to DN350.
  • Higher sizes are also available but the Model is Mega-Sroat (Diameter DN400 to DN1600)
  • Accuracy ±0.5% of actual flow rate between 100% to 10% off calibrated range.
  • Various types of Liner & Electrode materials are available as per application requirements.
  • The new sensors are more compact in size & more sensitive. Earth ring or earth electrode, both options are available.
  • Empty tube detection is also provided.
  • Wide choices of compatible electrodes, liners & Body materials.
  • Computer/Printer Interfacing with RS 232 / RS485 port.
  • Stored/ Online data can be store in an excel format file by using RS232 Monitor Software PC end.

Industry Applications of the flowmeters

Future Proofing The Processes

Agricultural Irrigation

Our flow meters are useful for correct monitoring and measurement of distribution of irrigation water.

Fertilizer and Chemical

Flowmeters are used in the Fertilizer/chemical industry to measure acids, corrosive materials, the balance of gases and liquids, and more.


Our flow meters help the industry maintain quality standards by providing accurate water flow conditions for garden crops.

Water and wastewater treatment plants

Manas Micosystem’s flow meters are useful at each stage of the process to monitor the volume of water or wastewater being treated.

Food & Drug

Food and ndustries’ strict requirements for hygienic design, measuring performance and accuracy are easily met by Manas food and beverage flow meters.


Useful for monitoring flow rates of Sterile purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI) and other such fluids in pharma industry.

Sugar & Distilleries

Manas Flowmeters could provide precision steam flow measurement for the sugar mill and simultaneously require no maintenance in this demanding process.


Our flow meters are useful for accurately measuring flow of source and storm water as well as slurries

Product Details

Brand Manas microsystems
Accuracy ±0.5 % +-(1mm/sec) of Actual Flow Rate between 100 % to 10 % of calibrated range
Line Size DN 10 to DN 350
Liner Material HR, PTFE, PFA, Neoprene
Electrode MOC SS316, Hastalloy C, TAN, TI
Flange Standard ANSI / DIN / BS 10 E / BS 10 F / IS
Flange / Coil Housing MOC MS / CS / SS 316 / SS 304
Operating Pressure Up to DN 80 – PN 40, From DN 100 to DN 200 – PN 16, From DN 250 to DN 350 – PN 10
Operating Temperature HR : 0 – 90 ºC / PTFE : 0 – 150 ºC / PFA : 0 – 200 ºC / Neoprene : 0 – 90 ºC
Transmitter Mounting Remote / Integral
Types of Transmitters SS1002
Display Type 16 characters x 2 rows LCD Display for instantaneous Flow rate, Totaliser, Engg. units
Velocity Range 2.5 m/s to 10 m/s
Communication RS 485(default) / RS 232(optional)

About Manas Flowmeter

How does a flow meter work?

When a liquid, gas, or steam flows through or around the flow meter sensors, it’s flow is measured by the flow meter. Although flow meter sensors operate in a variety of ways, they all aim to provide the most precise and consistent flow measurements for a certain application, be it process control, general research, or semiconductor fabrication. Usually there are two main parts of a flowmeter,
one is sensor and the other is signal converter and transmitter.

What are the applications of irrigation flow meter?

The Applications of irrigation flow meter are-

  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Horticulture
  • Water and Waste Water treatment plants
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Water supply schemes
  • Food and Drug

How to install flowmeter for smart irrigation system?

When installing a flow meter in irrigation system please take care of below points-

  1. Make sure the flowmeter is always full. Many flowmeters that measure fluid velocity presume that the entire section is filled with liquid. Significant measurement inaccuracies may occur if the flowmeter is not filled to capacity. If it is difficult to maintain full flow condition in your setup, consult Manas Microsystems service department.
  2. Installing a flowmeter in a vertical pipe upstream of a free pipe exit, is not recommended.
    The flowmeter could experience air rise, which might lead to measurement inaccuracies.
  3. A flowmeter shouldn’t be installed at the very top of a piping system. The flowmeter could accumulate air, which could cause measurement inaccuracies.
  4. In the bottom section of the piping, install flowmeters. This guarantees sufficient head pressure to keep the flowmeter full.

How frequent the maintenance of the flowmeter is required?

To maintain a secure, effective, or legally compliant functioning, a flowmeter may require regular calibration, possibly within few months. It is also important to understand that calibration intervals are not always specified and may vary depending on usage or past performance.

Is it available in my country?

Yes, it is available in Australia. Manas Microsystems is a leading manufacturers, supplier and exporter of Irrigation Flow Meter and sprinkler flow meter. We can support you in your country.
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