Sprinkler Flow Meter

Economical Flow Meter
Smart Jal - Ec

Sprinkler Flow Meter

Sprinkler Flow Meter

Manas offers Economical Flow Meter Model SMART JAL Ec.
It is an Electromagnetic Flow Meter with Polypropylene (PP) body.
These meters are compact, lightweight, and are commonly used in Treated Effluent, Sewage water, Wastewater, etc.
These meters are robust, can sustain vibrations, and hence are popular for concrete mixing mobile applications.
These are also used for sprinkler applications.

Use of Sprinkler Flowmeter in Australia

Features of Sprinkler Flowmeters

  • No moving parts.
  • Economically Priced.
  • Do not require many upstream and downstream straight Lengths.
  • Very fast Operation / small response time.
  • Long-life, hence very low life-cycle cost.
  • Engineered in PP.
  • Flowmeter does not obstruct flow, so it can be applied to clean, sanitary, dirty, corrosive liquids.
  • Can work in harsh vibrating conditions.

Industry Applications of the flowmeters

Future Proofing The Processes

Agricultural Irrigation

Our flow meters are useful for correct monitoring and measurement of distribution of irrigation water.


Our flow meters help the industry maintain quality standards by providing accurate water flow conditions for garden crops.

Golf courses and big lawns

Our flow meters are useful to ensure uniform distribution of water to golf courses or big lawns and to avoid wastage of water.

Housing schemes and gardens

Manas Microsystems’ flowmeters are always preferred by societies and garden maintenance contractors to ensure uniform water flow.

Product Details

Meter Size DN10 to DN 50
End Connections Threaded BSP (M)
MOC of sensor PP
Electrode Material SS316/ Hastelloy C
Display Digital
Protection Class IP66
Cable Entries 2 no. for Integral transmitter. 1 no. for Remote transmitter
Media Pressure 10 Bar
Empty tube detection Provided
Output Pulse Output
4 to 20 mA dc
Accuracy ±1 % of actual flow rate between 100% to 10 % flow rate

About Manas Flowmeter

What is sprinkler flow measurement?

Sprinkler flow measurement is the flow rate calculation of sprinkler system for efficient distribution of water. It helps the user save water & avoid excess supply or inadequate supply of water to the lawn or fields etc.

What is Sprinkler Flow Meter?

The flow meter used in sprinkler systems to avoid inefficient use and distribution of water is called sprinkler flow meter. Usually electromagnetic flow meters are used, as these meters pose no obstruction to the flow and hence there is no pressure drop because of the flow meters.

What are the advantages of sprinkler flow meter?

By using sprinkler flow meter, it is possible to save water from wastage, monitor losses and uneven spray of water to field.

What is the advantage of Manas’s Sprinkler Flow Meter?

The advantages of Manas’s sprinkler flow meter are,
1- There are no moving parts in these meters
2- These meters hardly need maintenance.
3- The meters are vibration proof and can handle dirty or corrosive liquids as well.

Can I order Sprinkler flowmeter in Australia

Yes, you can send your requirements on manasmicroflow.com. Our executives will be in touch with you within 24 hrs.

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