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Irrigation Flowmeters

We produce a variety of flow meters for irrigation. These are created entirely in-house by our professionals and are distributed throughout the world. These meters are the best option for precisely measuring liquids used in processes, such as waste water, sewage water, and even mud slurries, sand, and quartz particles. They satisfy the strict specifications of environmental metering and monitoring. With these meters, the needs for irrigation and urban water applications are easily addressed. The meters function even in severe rainy and dusty conditions thanks to the real IP 67 classification, which covers rainy weather.

Farmers and irrigators can rely on Manasmicro flow meters, to improve the productivity and efficiency.

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Irrigation Flowmeter supplier in Australia

Sprinkler Flow Meter

Similar to rainfall, sprinklers are used to apply water to lawns, farms, golf courses, etc. in a regulated manner. To track flow and reduce water waste, we produce sprinkler flow meters. Our sprinkler flow meters properly monitor the flow and assist the user in finding leaks and system obstructions. These meters barely require maintenance because they don’t have any moving parts. The meters can tolerate caustic or filthy liquids and are vibration-proof.

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Smart Flow Meter for Sprinklers

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

We provide an extensive selection of Ultrasonic Flow Meters. These meters measure the flow without interfering with it or without lowering pipeline pressure. You can get accurate results without touching or polluting the fluid.
Ultrasonic flow meters have been in use in enterprises and marketplaces for a very long time for the volumetric measurement of water. Manas Ultrasonic Flow Meters are reliable, long-lasting, and have been field-tested. These meters require very little upkeep, which accounts for their high customer popularity.

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Digital flow metering solution
For smart irrigation systems.

Measurable performance,

Flow meters that you can rely on.

Manas Microsystems, founded in 1998, has spent more than two decades developing a varied range of future-driven flow meters in line with the needs of clients. Manas has been at the forefront of changing market dynamics and technological developments to maintain its leadership position in the field of flow meter manufacturing. With its in-house setup of flow calibration lab, the company is well equipped with technology and state-of-the-art flow measurement devices. Our expert crew is admired for their devotion, commitment, and hard work. Our Sprinkler Flow Meters, Irrigation Flow Meters and Ultrasonic Flow Meters provide ideal solutions for Flow Metering requirements in Agricultural Irrigation and other water applications.

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We provide measurable results that can be trusted.



Our flow meters are accurate and traceable to standards.



We believe in providing novel ideas for your flow metering applications.



We assure you that we give you more than what we claim.



We provide solutions to your problems, not just flow meters.

Innovative flow metering solutions with accountability and excellence.

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Technology with Responsibility and Accountability

With leadership comes responsibility. Being one of the leading flow meter manufacturer, we bring in new technology with complete responsibility of the results that it produces.

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We are very happy with the product electromagnetic flow meter. These meters are reliable and accurate in measurement. These are working satisfactorily since installation.

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